Teens Have A Language All Of Their Own. Fortunately For Us,
We Are Fluent In It!

It is a scientific fact that teenage brains receive and interpret information differently and it can be a difficult experience trying to get inside their head and understand their wants and needs.

Chief Instructor Shihan Craig he has seen many different scenarios involving teens driven to trouble from stress, falling into the wrong group at school, being on the receiving end of bullying and the increase in social media that has left so many with little to no social skills.

This experience, this understanding of body language and the pressures kids and adults are facing has led to a teaching style that is personal, compassionate and practical.

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Our Teen Martial Arts Programs are tailored to help:

  • Build up strong social skills
  • Instill a higher sense of self-esteem
  • Develop an array of practical verbal and nonverbal self-defence techniques
  • Create a mindset of positivity from the praise, friends they make and skills they achieve at our school
  • Provide a place where they can chill, leave their worries at the door and focus on themselves

With Teen Karate and Kickboxing several options are available to them, they can find a program that suits them the best and we’ll work together to ensure they leave each and every class happy and tired! By the end, they will be more confident, calm and mindful of others. Life skills that will ensure success well into their future.

SPECIAL BONUS - Enquire Now To Book Your 2 WEEKS Unlimited Classes & FREE Karate Uniform OR Boxing Gloves For Just $39.95
(uniform/gloves valued at $75)


Dave Wayne

????Shihan Craig Wilson is the real deal! He holds multiple Black Belts from Kyokushin to Kenpo. He is government accredited and brings to students real world experience after having served over 20 years in the NSW Police Force and with the Australian Army. Enso Martial Arts will be a multi disciplinary art that will set the bar for the martial arts scene on the Mid North Coast!

- Dave Wayne

Laura Morris

????ENSO have great instructors that focus on “real” life defence techniques. My kids really love attending Craig and Brooke’s classes because they make them fun even though it’s disciplined. They have a great friendly family focused environment and are dedicated in helping you achieve your goals. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough. 5 stars.

- Laura Morris

13 Chestnut Rd Port Macquarie, New South Wales 2444

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