Self Defence



What is Self Defence - Self Protection?

In plain terms, SELF DEFENCE describe the concepts and techniques of a combat system that is characterized by 3 words:

  • Simple - anyone can do it.
  • Direct - no frills.
  • Effective - proven in battle.
  1. SIMPLICITY is what makes this system ideal for those who want a fast course in a powerful, easy to learn system of self-protection that is used as an offensive weapon.
  2. DIRECTNESS means the Self Defence school of thought does away with complex techniques, forms or Kata making Self Defence a no-nonsense, no frills system.
  3.  EFFECTIVENESS makes Self Defence the choice of military, clandestine and law enforcement professionals throughout the world.

 What makes Self Defence truly unique and sets it apart from traditional martial art systems are its teaching methodology, short learning curve and simple but brutally effective techniques. Self Defence have been developed for survival when life and limb are at stake, pure and simple.

Who is Self Defence for?

Everybody can benifit from some form of self defence / protection training.  The techniques one is required to perform are exceptionally simple in their application. This makes them ideal for those that have absolutely no experience. Our principles and techniques are taught in exactly the same manner to both men and women who can apply them to great effect. It is therefore with every confidence that we strongly recommend this system to men and especially to women who feel they need to learn to take control of their personal security and protect their families.

True Self Defence strive to keep training as realistic as possible. We have a “self-protection” mindset and not a “self-defence” mindset. This means that we actively protect ourselves so we don’t have to get to the point of defending ourselves (by attacking our assailant). In the former we are proactive (so as not to allow surprise assault) and “awareness” is our first line of defense. Conversely the “self-defence” mindset is reactive (having already been assaulted) and “reaction” is the first line of defense.

It is also our belief that the “self-defense” school of thought has 4 main reasons for its ineffectiveness and failures:

  1. Too many techniques (it is best to have a few worked to expert level).
  2. Non realistic training (full physical contact, vocalization and multiple assailants is a must).
  3. No adrenal stress (a real violent confrontation can leave you shivering from adrenaline secretions to say the least, if not puking and standing in a puddle of piddle).
  4. Defensive thinking (real violence often requires offensive and sometimes pre-emptive mindset).

With this in mind, in the Civilian Self Defence program we have only a few strictly selected techniques use role play and scenario training for the street which is complemented with full physical contact to “harden” our practitioners with “stress tempering” to make them offensively oriented.

All these are punctuated by Simplicity, Directness and brutal Effectiveness.

What we Teach You!

  • Awareness
  • Communication skills
  • Body Positioning and how to stand
  • Escape tactics
  • What signs / body language to look out for?
  • Simple tip and tricks to keep you protected
  • Use of your surroundings and possessions,
  • Use of the persons aggression against them.
  • Self Defence and submission techquices.
  • Vital Point strikes. Make it count.
  • Knowledge of Escalation of Force
  • The correct and legal use of appropriate force.
  • Multiple as real life as possible scenarios  and varying defensive responses. 
  • Stress testing self defence
  • Defence against multiple attackers
  • And much more

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