The Story

Enso Martial Arts  is a full time facility dedicated to providing quality martial arts training, courses and programs. Enso Martial Arts is based in Port Macquarie on the Mid North Coast and services the surrounding areas and towns. We are a  martial arts training facility offering a variety of programs which are age appropriate, professionally designed and delivered. The school has a strong focus on self development, community mindedness and real world self defence. Fitness and sporting programs within the Centre are just that, fitness & sporting programs; they are distinct and separate from the reality based focus of the specific self defence programs. We have age appropriate programs from age 6 and up. Junior and teen/adult Karate, and Teen Adult Kickboxing/ Muay Thai, including a Ladies only program. We have No lock contracts. Safe, clean, and professional. Our basic principle of 'do as you would be done by' applies to all posts so no swearing, abuse, bullying or other nonsense will be tolerated.

End of Year Training

Our last class was on Saturday and to day the least it has been a year to remember. But we pushed through and I an extremely proud of the all our members and their achievement. I am also very grateful to all our parents who have stuck by us and trusted us through tis training period.  I am sure next year will be bigger and stronger.

Updated timetable for 2021

Please keep and eye out for our new time timetable.

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