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Welcome and thank you for the interest in our club. At Enso Martial Arts we believe that martial arts is more than just punching and kicking. Do students at Enso know how to defend themselves? Absolutely! Any student that trains at Enso learns awareness and defensive skills to cover a large range of situations. But just as importantly, we believe in helping the student to reach their full potential in fitness, confidence and a positive outlook.

With our news page  you will be kept up to date with all the current events and other important information relating to all aspects of our Club. Including class information and updates, gradings, social events, special events and awards, seminars, tournaments and much more. We hope this page proves helpful as a lot of people are either not on social media or get into the club as often as you would like.  Please feel free to contact at any time.

Term 4 Gradings

The next round of gradings are fast approaching on the 21 Nov 20. Please make sure you are practicing and training hard ready for the day.

SWAT - Junior Leadership Program

Coming Soon! At this stage looks like Tuesday 4.30pm to 5:10pm 

Interview of Maximiliano Ferraiolo 6th Dan IBK

KYOKUSHIN BUDO KAI (My philosophy)

Continuing over and over again the essence and depth in the arts that I practice, my faith is that of continuing to confront the obstacles of life with courage and determination (konjo: fighting spirit), as he has it to me. been taught in the Kyokushin of Mas Oyama.

There are a host of reasons that lead me to believe that human beings can only flourish by constantly pushing their acquired limits (mental, physical and spiritual). This is why our dojo can be perceived as an experimental laboratory where the practitioner finds himself through the rigor of training, to be placed in unusual circumstances, especially physical and psychological, provoking in him a fight and a dedicated internal discourse. to introspection. It is natural that at this stage the individual lives a period of questioning ... Why train me when it is so demanding? Why endure the pain of endless blows and repetitions… Why accept the humiliation of not being up to par? The answers are long overdue.

But subtly, as long as we put in a sustained effort, we end up letting go and accepting our own karma. Little by little we realize that our outlook has changed. Now the blows received are nothing but empty echoes and without consequences. We want to go further, much further ... It is the acquisition of the spirit of perseverance (Osu no seishin). It is in this spirit that the soul of Kyokushin budokai rests.

Ultimately, all of this training has one purpose, to develop your warrior spirit and give you control of your life.

My ideal is to lead by example .... to never lower my eyes to adversity and never give up my quest to become a better being. This is how I want to educate my students and thus help our society and help create a better world.

Maximiliano Ferraiolo

Interview of Maximiliano Ferraiolo 6th Dan IBK

Good example of our Kihon (basics)