Discipline, Respect, Empowerment, Confidence & Self-Defence in Every Lesson!

Learn Effective Self-Defense & Build Confidence With Kids Martial Arts 

Junior Karate Program

Ages 6 to 12 years

Having worked in the Police Force and as a seasoned martial artist, Shihan (Master Instructor) Craig has seen it all. He has dealt with children riddled with low self esteem, children who have been victims of bullying, children who have been in trouble because they haven’t learnt how to channel their emotions the right way.

(Solution) All of this real-life experience and his superior knowledge of martial arts has given him a unique insight and understanding of what children need and how to bring out the best in them. 

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Classes are split into the following groups:

  • Junior Karate Program: 6-12 years 
  • Teen / Adult  Karate: 13 years plus  (Year 7 students & above)  
  • Teen / Adult Kickboxing: 13 years plus (Year 7 students & above) 
  • Teen / Adult Ladies Only Kickboxing: 13 years plus (Year 7 students & above ) 
  • S.W.A.T. Junior Leadership Program: 9-14 years and by Invitation Only 
  • Instructor Team Training: 16 years + and by Invitation Only
  • Personal lessons available by arrangement. 

This allows for a curriculum that is tailored to meet the specific learning and physical development capabilities of each age group and ensure they have fun and get the best out of each class.

Our Junior programs will help your child gain:

  • Strength, balance, increased motor skills and coordination
  • Increased levels of fitness from our fun and energetic classes
  • Techniques and skills to help defend themselves and others
  • Confidence and higher sense of self worth the higher up the ranks they progress
  • Perseverance and determination as they work through new skills and techniques
  • Discipline as they learn how to focus their mind on the task ahead
  • Conflict resolution and problem solving skills
  • Age Appropriate self protection and awareness skills

Your children will be in a warm and safe environment with like-minded people and great role models. Together we can instill the values and outlook that will help your child shine.

SPECIAL BONUS - Enquire Now To Book Your 2 WEEKS Unlimited Classes & FREE Karate Uniform For Just $39.95
(uniform/gloves valued at $75)


Mitchell Cunich

Mitchell Cunich

Has been the best place for my son! His self confidence has grown heaps thanks to Craig’s teaching and guidance.                - Mitchell Cunich

Bianca Geihe

Bianca Geihe

Craig and Brooke both put a lot into their classes to deliver a structured and fun class. The kids are very focused and I have seen a huge improvement with our daughter. Highly recommend Enso Martial Arts.                                                                          - Bianca Geihe

13 Chestnut Rd Port Macquarie, New South Wales 2444

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