All the Energy, Fun and Intensity of Kickboxing / Muay Thai WITHOUT The Contact!

If you are after a non-contact, high energy fitness class, then our Ladies Only Kickboxing program is the perfect mix of Muay Thai and Aerobics which will boost your metabolism, improve your fitness and is the perfect outlet for pent-up frustrations and anxiety.

There are many elements of kickboxing that is appealing but the problem is the physical contact. It puts so many people off and it’s a shame that you would have to choose something completely different.

It could be that you did Muay Thai, kickboxing or boxing before but now your priorities have changed. You loved the bag work, the strikes and the fitness but you don’t want to get into a combat situation and worry about walking into a work meeting with a black eye?

That is why we introduced a Ladies Kickboxing program to our offerings. Suitable for all levels of fitness and ability, our program is a fun way to burn calories, relieve stress and achieve a daily calorie deficit to allow for fast weight loss. Classes involve a choreographed routine of punches, kicks, elbows and knees.

2 Weeks training + FREE Boxing Gloves valued at 
for $39.95 
(valued at $65)

You will become fit, flexible and focused and at the end of each class, you will leave having had:

  • A complete, whole body workout that engages, tones and sculpts every muscle in your body
  • Increased cardio endurance, speed and stamina
  • Control and discipline as you work through punching and kicking movements
  • Improved balance, flexibility, coordination and endurance

The great thing about this class is you can go at your own pace and increase your speed and perfect your technique as the routine becomes more familiar You can also add extra challenging elements by varying the height of your kicks and punches. All of this is conducted in a safe, fun and friendly training environment that is synonymous with our gym.

2 Weeks training + FREE Boxing Gloves valued at 
for $39.95 
(valued at $65)


Paul Schwager

Paul Schwager (2nd dan)
Representing Hunter valley karate kyokushin (Sensei Daniel Langworthy)

????Yesterday I trained at Shihan Craig’s. New dojo for the shihan Judd Reid seminar. Great seminar, great seminar in a great dojo.

Never met Craig or his daughter Brooke before but found both of them both to be pleasant and both trained very hard.

I was inspired by their attitude and dojo that I would not only recommend them but I am thinking that a holiday to Port Macquarie with my my daily training sessions would 100% include training at Shihan Craig’s dojo.

- Paul Schwager (2nd dan)
Representing Hunter valley karate kyokushin (Sensei Daniel Langworthy)

Jamie Nelson

????I LOVE training at ENSO!!! Over the last few months my fitness has improved dramatically and I can't beleive how much better my coordination is. Craig, Brooke and Sarah are such amazing patient instructors who get the best out of you. I highly recommend ENSO to everyone!!!

- Jamie Nelson

Michael Wilkie

Michael Wilkie

????Amazing family run business! Great facility and equipment. Definitely worth it!

- Michael Wilkie

Dave Wayne


????Shihan Craig Wilson is the real deal! He holds multiple Black Belts from Kyokushin to Kenpo. He is government accredited and brings to students real world experience after having served over 20 years in the NSW Police Force and with the Australian Army. Enso Martial Arts will be a multi disciplinary art that will set the bar for the martial arts scene on the Mid North Coast!

- Dave Wayne

Laura Morris


????ENSO have great instructors that focus on “real” life defence techniques. My kids really love attending Craig and Brooke’s classes because they make them fun even though it’s disciplined. They have a great friendly family focused environment and are dedicated in helping you achieve your goals. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough. 5 stars.

- Laura Morris

13 Chestnut Rd Port Macquarie, New South Wales 2444


Do I need to be fit to start fitness kickboxing?

Is this like a Gym Membership?

Do I need any experience?

How many classes should I do per week?

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