Have Fun, Learn A New Skill & Defend Yourself With Our Kickboxing Classes 

Kickboxing is fast become a popular sport and with good reason. As well as keeping you fit, increasing your agility, strength, confidence and power, it is also a valuable and effective self-defence solution.

Our Kickboxing specialised classes are a combination of traditional eastern practices and philosophies, to combat real-life western societal issues.

Combining the very best of Muay Thai, Kudo and Sanda (Chinese Kickboxing) you will discover the best way to utilise effective kickboxing techniques to confidently defend yourself and your family. 

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Each class is different, but in every class you will receive:

  • A whole body strength and cardio workout designed to increase your fitness level and stamina
  • Training on mindfulness techniques to help you develop your instincts and spatial awareness
  • Flexibility training to increase your range of mobility to live a stronger life
  • Strength training so your technique is matched up with maximum speed, impact and power

Our Kickboxing classes are taught separately along similar lines to our Karate program for more age appropriate and targeted learning.

  • Junior Kickboxing (7 to 13 years)
  • Teens / Adults Combat Kickboxing (13-14 years +)

At advanced levels of training practitioners practice to fight against multiple opponents, to handle confined and open spaces, or to fight in water.


Fast-Paced Cardio Workout... But Fun!

We also offer optional sparring sessions for those interested in this element of training. In these sessions, safety is a priority. Everyone is required to wear full protective equipment and is evenly matched-up and fully supervised. 

For those that enjoy this component, there are even additional opportunities to participate in national tournaments and leagues throughout the year.

Our members love our Kickboxing class due to the fast-paced cardio workout and practical yet fun nature. The partnering and group activities creates opportunities to build strong relationships with likeminded people. Your sparring partner becomes your friend and your friends, along with the coaches come together to form a strong Enso community.

There is no better way to leave your problems at the door than to join our Kickboxing classes. Relieve stress, socialise and spend time focusing on yourself. 

You do not need to have any previous experience.  From novice to seasoned fighter, this class is tailored to meet the needs and requirements of everyone.

In just a few weeks, you will learn new skills, make new friends, gain new-found confidence and become a new you.

SPECIAL BONUS - Enquire Now To Book Your 3 WEEKS Unlimited Classes & FREE Karate Uniform OR Boxing Gloves For Just $39.95
(uniform/gloves valued at $75)

You Couldn’t Be In Better Hands Than A Family Of Martial Artists!

Enso Martial Arts is a family run school and everyone is passionate about what they do. Chief Instructor Shihan Craig Wilson is a fully accredited instructor, a 5th Dan in Karate, 4th Dan in Kickboxing, 1st Dan in Kyokushin Karate and 1st Dan in Tae Kwon Do. He has trained for years in Japanese Jiu-Jitsu, Krav Maga and Muay Thai, is a qualified trainer and pad-holder and trained at the famed Sityodtong Muay Thai camp in Thailand in 2012 and 2016.

Shihan Craig also spent 4 years in the Australian Army and later joined the NSW Police Force. Shihan Craig has now turned his passion into a job, helping others realise their dreams through martial arts.

His daughter Sempai Brooke, is a 2nd Dan Black Belt and his wife Megan runs reception so Enso Martial Arts literally is a home away from home and we cannot wait to welcome you into our team.

SPECIAL BONUS - Enquire Now To Book Your 3 WEEKS Unlimited Classes & FREE Karate Uniform OR Boxing Gloves For Just $39.95
(uniform/gloves valued at $75)


Dave Wayne

????Shihan Craig Wilson is the real deal! He holds multiple Black Belts from Kyokushin to Kenpo. He is government accredited and brings to students real world experience after having served over 20 years in the NSW Police Force and with the Australian Army. Enso Martial Arts will be a multi disciplinary art that will set the bar for the martial arts scene on the Mid North Coast!

- Dave Wayne

Laura Morris

????ENSO have great instructors that focus on “real” life defence techniques. My kids really love attending Craig and Brooke’s classes because they make them fun even though it’s disciplined. They have a great friendly family focused environment and are dedicated in helping you achieve your goals. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough. 5 stars.

- Laura Morris

13 Chestnut Rd Port Macquarie, New South Wales 2444

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