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Enso is a Japanese word signifying “circle” and a concept strongly associated with Zen and has no single fixed meaning. Enso is one of the most common subjects of Japanese calligraphy even though it is a symbol and not a character. It is a symbol of discipline, dedication, balance, absolute enlightenment, strength, elegance, the harmony of the universe, and the void. It symbolizes a moment when the mind is free enough to simply let the body or spirit create. Enso is an ancient, international symbol of inner strength, harmony, community, and peace. It symbolizes a commitment to personal growth through body and mind balance, discipline, and practice. Enso comes from the Japanese language and literally means an “open” circle and can be read as “Mutual Circle” or “Circle of Togetherness”.

So, what does this have to do with karate? To me, karate is more than just a sport, a way to stay in shape or a vehicle in which to socialize with other people…although it does provide all those things. Karate is about the pursuit of the perfection of character. It is a journey that will never end and is symbolic of the journey we all travel in our lifetimes. There is no beginning nor end to your learning.

It has been said many times that when one attains a black belt your learning just begins. The “end goal or destination” for many when they initially start training is really just a new beginning. The point is that like the circle or “Enso”, karate how you look at it, what you make if it and most of all…is a journey rather than a destination like life in general.

Budokai (Martial Arts organization) simply means “many styles” and as can be seen from our instructor profiles our instructors all come from different backgrounds. Martial Arts are all essentially the same as there are only so many ways to perform a kick or a punch, however, there are subtle differences between styles which help people of varying abilities to perform each technique. This in mind there are very few techniques, if any, that can’t be taught to people of any level.

At Enso Martial Arts we believe that martial arts are a vehicle to personal development and a more positive lifestyle.

This is the chance to do something positive for you, surrounded by others with a similar mindset. The best thing you can do is easy just take the first step by beginning your training and committing to attending every class available to you and immerse yourself in your new martial art.

Training in martial arts is very much an individual journey, so it doesn’t matter how fast or slow you progress – you will be going at exactly the right pace for YOU! Like anything in life, you will get out of it what you put into it.

Even after training for over 37 years, I still love the feeling I get training in martial arts.

We offer several styles of Martial Arts Kickboxing/Muay Thai, Fitness Kickboxing & Traditional Japanese Karate which has been further developed with elements of Japanese Kickboxing/Muay Thai, Krav Maga, Ju Jutsu, Judo, and most important Realistic self-defence and many other elements gained through years cross training by your teachers.

We look forward to training with you on your martial arts journey.  Know that I am always available to assist you with your training, as are all higher belts at Enso.


Dave Wayne

????Shihan Craig Wilson is the real deal! He holds multiple Black Belts from Kyokushin to Kenpo. He is government accredited and brings to students real world experience after having served over 20 years in the NSW Police Force and with the Australian Army. Enso Martial Arts will be a multi disciplinary art that will set the bar for the martial arts scene on the Mid North Coast!

- Dave Wayne

Laura Morris

????ENSO have great instructors that focus on “real” life defence techniques. My kids really love attending Craig and Brooke’s classes because they make them fun even though it’s disciplined. They have a great friendly family focused environment and are dedicated in helping you achieve your goals. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough. 5 stars.

- Laura Morris

13 Chestnut Rd Port Macquarie, New South Wales 2444

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